Datacentre Build – Update 1

Datacentre Build – Progress Update 1

Since our announcement last week regarding our new Coventry datacentre we have had a great deal of interest regarding the build out of the new facility and as such thought we would provide an update with the project to date.

When identifying possible locations for the new facility our original ambition was to construct a new building on a brownfield site rather than purchase a newly constructed building built out of town or on a greenfield site.  Such brownfield sites were difficult to source and we found came with issues such as poor power infrastructure in the nearby area and lack of fibre providers as a result we opted for a building within an industrial area of Coventry in an area once inhabited by the Triumph motor car factory.

Having acquired the site in late 2021 work has been underway to strip out existing fixtures and overhaul the building both internally and externally ahead of any project specific works being undertaken. 

Exterior elevation at the front of the building showing signage of previous occupiers.  Part of the works we are carrying out will involve constructing a new front entrance with secure compound aswell as laying new tarmac to the car park and driveways to the site.

Internally the building requires significant clearing and refurbishment work.  Once work has been completed we expect this area to be the first data hall which will house around 300 racks.

To the rear of the building is a significant sized cellar and chimney

What has been happening?

Much of the work onsite at this stage has centred around removing existing fixtures within the site and making safe the structure that is already in place in preparation for mezzanine floor and interior partion walls being installed.

A single storey kitchen and toilet block has been removed to the front of the building

A cellar area to the rear of the building has been removed and will be filled with concrete.  Some existing windows have already been removed and bricked up.

The site has now been cleared and a coat of paint applied to the concrete slab. 

Steel uprights have started to be installed which will support the first floor above the datahall area.  The steelwork has been carefully designed so that any upgrights will fall within rows of server racks, these will be clad in steel coated panels to run inline with the rack aisles.

What's next?

In the first few weeks of 2022 we are expecting the mezzanine floor installation to be completed.  In addition to this the internal walls and partitions for the datacentre are due to be constructed and work will start on the fit out of the three storey office building onsite. 

Our very own Fractionman is also going to be getting involved in the build and we are going to be running a “Where’s Frank” competition with prizes (including 12 months free server rental) available for those who can spot Frank in the photographs of the build at the various stages of construction.