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How long does it take to setup my server?

We aim to have all servers setup within 24 hours of payment clearing, but often are able to do complete setup within 12 hours.


If for any reason the specification you ordered is not available, our support team will be in touch to advise on your options.

Is there a minimum contract term?

All our servers are on monthly rolling contracts, so you don't have any long term commitments.

What is the network port speed of my server?

Our servers come with either 1Gbps or 10Gbps network ports, depend on what you have ordered.

Can I upgrade my server at a later date?

Of course, although what you can upgrade depends on which range you went for and what you already have installed.

Our 200 and 250 ranges are limited to the CPUs they come with, but can have upto 32GB and 64GB RAM respectively.

Our 300 range can have different CPUs installed and upto 512GB RAM installed.

We also offer a variety of different disk configurations.

So get in touch with our sales team and we'll be happy to advise you further.

Do you take backups of my server?

As standard we do not backup or provide any disaster recovery services for your dedicated server.  Customers are expected to take backups of their own data offsite.

I can’t see the operating system that I want listed?

We can provide most operating systems although if it not listed our support may be limited on it. Get in touch with our support team and we can likely sort something out for you.

What cancellation notice is required?

All servers are provided on monthly rolling terms, we assume you wish to renew the service unless it is cancelled.  We require three days notice before your server is due to renew to cancel.

What is your uptime gurantee/SLA?

We provide 99.9% uptime guarantee on power and network and a one hour hardware replacement gurantee.  Our Terms of Service contains full details about our SLA.

How many IPs do I get with my server?

As standard, our servers come with a /30 range which provides one usable IP. Larger ranges are available at the time of ordering via our online configurator or can be requested at a later date via our control panel.

Do you have a speedtest file I can use to test your network?

We run our own network - AS42831, network tests can be ran from the following page: http://as42831.net/


How many GB/s of DDoS protection is provided with my server?

Our scrubbing centre using RioRey filtering devices provides upto 200Gb/s of "on-demand" filtering protection and we also offer customers the option of "always on" filtering for an additional £15/Month with a much lower activation response time and further configuration and monitoring options.

How can I set RDNS/PTR records for my server IPs?

You can set RDNS/PTR records by logging into our control panel, selecting the required service and entering the PTR records you wish to add against the appropiate IP.  We can delegate RDNS/PTR records to your own nameservers by request at no charge.

I need to re-install my server, how is this done?

If you open a ticket via our customer portal or via email, our support team will be more than happy to assist with this for you.

We provide one free re-install per monthly period, customers can also have IPMI access provided at no charge to their server allowing you to re-install your own operating system via remote console and remote media.

I have ordered a server with a 1Gb/s network port, what speeds will I get?

Our servers are provisioned on 1Gb/s, 10Gb/s or 20Gb/s network ports.  Your sever will be able to burst to the full port speed at all times providing the destination location you are uploading/downloading from is able to support this.

What are your upstreams? Who do you peer with?

Fraction Servers uses a varied blend of transit and peering to provide excellent connectivity to our own network.

We currently take transit from NTT, GTT and CenturyLink.

We peer with various internet exchanges, these currently being LINX, LONAP and NL-IX.

We also peer direct with Sky UK, BT, EE, Virgin Media, Talk Talk, Google, Eircom and Telxius.

How do I request IPv6 IPs?

IPv6 IPs are available to assign to your server via our customer portal, simply login to your control panel select the required service and on the IPs page you can request to add IPv6 subnets to your server.

Do you provide graphs of network traffic usage?

Our customers can login to our customer portal and view their services with us.

Bandwidth graphs are available for traffic usage and monthly data transfer within our control panel.  All customers recieve an email once they reach 80% of their monthly bandwidth allowance.

What hours is your support open?

Our ticket and email support is available 24/7/365 so you can reach out to us anytime.

Our freephone support is open Monday to Friday 9AM to 6PM.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment for service can be made using Credit/Debit card, bank transfer or Paypal, we do not currently accept AMEX cards.

Are your servers managed? What is included in your support?

The servers listed on our website are unmanaged.  Under the service offered we provide support to ensure that your server is online and accessible remotely aswell as troubleshooting/diagnosing any network/routing issues however we do not support the software that runs on your server or the operating system configuration and security.

What happens if I reach the data transfer limit of my server?

Our data transfer is billed on calendar months and is a sum of inbound and outbound traffic, all customers recieve email alerts once they reach 80% of their allocated data transfer.  In the case of customers that opt for packages with a fixed Data Transfer (TB) allowance then overages are charged at £0.01/Gb however customers can contact us and request to have an additional transfer added to their account (for example an additional 10TB transfer added to your package is £10/Month).

For those customers with 95%ile bandwidth packages then overages are charged at £0.25/Mbit.

Can you announce my IPs via your AS?

If you have your own IPs that is not a problem we can announce these for you on request.  For ranges totaling a /22 we charge a one off setup cost of £25 and for ranges totalling upto a /17 a one off setup charge of £50.  There are no monthly fees or charges associated with de-announcing ranges.