Install Zabbix Agent AlmaLinux 8


Install Zabbix Agent AlmaLinux 8

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Installation Guide – Zabbix Agent AlmaLinux 8



This guide details howto install a Zabbix agent on an AlmaLinux 8 server.


1- Disable SELinux

In your editor of choosing open /etc/selinux/config and scroll down to “SELINUX=” and change this to



2- Install Zabbix Agent

dnf install
dnf install zabbix-agent


3- Configure Zabbix Agent

In your editor of choosing open the zabbix_agentd config file

#Server=[zabbix server ip]
#Hostname=[ Hostname of client system ]



4- Start Zabbix Agent

systemctl enable zabbix-agent
systemctl start zabbix-agent


– Extras

If you wish to stop the Zabbix Agent you can do so by running the following:

systemctl stop zabbix-agent
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