Meet the Staff – Eit


In our latest "Meet the Team" article we speak to Eit about the work he does at Fraction Servers and what he likes most about working with us.

What is your job title at Fraction Servers and can you describe the role for us?

My current position at Fraction Servers is as an Infrastructure Engineer. I have been heavily involved in the fit out of our new datacentre site from installing/configuring CCTV cameras, rack mounting network switches/PDUs and running both fibre and copper network cables to racks.


When did you start working at Fraction Servers and how have things changed during this time?

I started work at Fraction Servers in April 2022 whilst completing a software engineering degree at university, when I joined the team our new datacentre was little more than a shell and it has been great to see how it has evolved and changed since then.  We now have a fully equipped datacentre site and everyday I come into the site it seems like we have another new rack of servers going in.


If you could have one super power what would it be?
Reading minds. Life would be so much easier with it!


Is there a particular tool, script, website or piece of software that you find invaluable in your day to day job?
It would be a screwdriver and RJ45 crimper! I couldn’t do my job without either!


What do you like most about working at Fraction Servers?


The team here are really friendly, everyone just seems to get along with each other which is not something I’ve experienced in the workplace before!  I’ve also been able to work flexible hours which has allowed me to pursue other interest outside of work.


What was the first computer that you owned?
A Dell Optiplex, running Windows XP.


What are you currently working on for Fraction Servers?
We have taken a delivery of new AMD CPUs and server motherboards this morning, my job is to add these to our internal stock systems and build these up into servers ready for deployment to customers.