New Datacentre Build Announcement

 New Coventry Datacentre Announcement

Fraction Servers, a leading low cost dedicated server provider in the UK for SMEs, cloud, cyber security and digital media organisations has announced plans to bring online a new 3 megawatt datacentre in Coventry, UK.

Racks in 1st Data Hall Fit Out
Onsite Diverse 11kv Supplies

Closed Circuit Free Air Cooling

The new facility, Continuity House will be located to the west of Coventry a short distance from the company’s existing datacentre facility.  Construction of the new facility is underway and is expected to reach completion in Q2 2022 with an initial build out of 300 racks in the first data hall. 

 “Our new facility has been designed to deliver the highest level of uptime and redundancy to our customers.” said David Howes, Technical Director at Fraction Servers.  “The global pandemic has pushed businesses to re-evaluate their use of technology and cloud services outside of the workplace and it has become vital to ensure they use a service provider that operates from a secure, resilient managed datacentre.  Continuity House will be connected with diverse dark fibre to our exsisting Coventry datacentre and also connecting to Telehouse and Equinix sites in both London and Manchester allowing us to offer customers upto 100Gb/s connectivity onsite”

Technical Specifications

3.2MW Onsite Power from diverse 11kv high voltage supplies.  3600kva onsite diesel generator backup power.

800kw n+2  free air cooling system in initial datahall fit out. Closed cooling system ensures no outside air is bought into the facility. Chilled water system using dry air coolers to ensure  a low PuE.

24/7/365 onsite security and technical staff, detached building with enclosed security compound. ANPR and high resolution CCTV.  Latest VESDA smoke detection and IG541 fire suppression.

Enclosed hot aisles with 1200mm deep racks. Redundant A+B power feeds to each rack with Socomec STS's backed primary power supplies.

Multiple diverse fibre entry ducts into the site, wide selection of onsite carriers.  200Gb/s onsite Corero DDoS mitigation. 24/7/365 onsite technical staffing.  Customer locker storage and breakout areas.

Fraction Servers is trusted by many large digital entertainment and cloud service providers and in a world where focus is increasing on environmental sustainability the new site has been designed to utilise the latest hyper-efficient green technologies.   

Anthony Parrington, Head of Cloud Service delivery commentsFor the new site we have opted for a chilled water based cooling system with enclosed hot and cold aisles.  The cooling system ensures we achieve the lowest possible PuE without having to bring external air into the building. 

The new site is being built to a specification that exceeds Tier III design standards and will ensure ultra high availability of power, cooling and network services to all customers. Power to the site is being provided by diverse high voltage electrical supplies with 2N+1 transformers situated within dedicated isolated switchgear buildings.”

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Several tenants are already in early discussions to provision a number of services at the site and site visits during the construction phase are available in limited numbers, anyone interested in having a tour should get in contact with us. Over the coming months we intend to keep you updated with how the build is progressing and so you can find more about how Continuity House is the ideal home for your IT infrastructure, make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list to get the latest updates.