Provider Spotlight – Supermicro

Who are Supermicro?

Supermicro are an American IT hardware and services company. Supermicro develop and build their own hardware ranges to rival those from Dell, HP, IBM etc. Since being founded in the 90s, they have continued to expand their product lines and portfolio.


Why use Supermicro?

Fraction Servers (and our parent company UKServers) use Supermicro server hardware exclusively. Due to offering a wide range of different product lines, Fraction Servers are able to make the best decision for hardware that suits our needs.  In addition, Supermicro servers are at the forefront of incorporating the latest hardware, from the latest Intel and AMD CPUs, to integrated NVMe storage, to DDR4 (and shortly DDR5) RAM, the latest technologies can be found here. Supermicro also offered node/blade devices (TwinPro,FatTwin etc) aswell as standard 1U/2U/3U chassis which gives excellent flexibility for deployments.

How does Supermicro benefit Fraction Servers?

Fraction Servers enjoys the hardware standards set by Supermicro. From CPUs to fans to heatsinks, a large percentage of components are interchangeable, resulting in Fraction Servers carrying a more streamlined stock, and meaning we have more components available for new deployments and for replacements in the unlikely event of failure.  Fraction Servers parent company have been using Supermicro hardware since 2008 and some of these servers are still in use (for legacy customers running bespoke systems) which is a testament to the reliability of the hardware, and why Fraction Servers continues to use Supermicro hardware for all our needs.