Provider Spotlight – Telehouse

Who are Telehouse?

Telehouse are one of the largest carrier neutral co-location service providers in Europe and North America. They operate eight facilities across Europe, including in London, where Fraction Servers (and our parent company UK Servers) host services with them.

Why use Telehouse?

Telehouse Docklands campus is home to LINX, the London INternet eXchange. Through LINX different ISPs and network providers provide connections to each other. This makes Telehouse Docklands a key facility that all quality providers should be present at.  In addition to this, Telehouse Docklands has four large datacentres (North, North2, West and East) with a fifth (South) due to come online during 2021.

Telehouse’s Docklands Campus is the most connected site in Europe with over 530 networks onsite.

How do Fraction Servers use Telehouse?

As a result of the excellent connectivity offered as well as large datacentres capable of supporting expansion, Fraction Servers operate a number of core PoPs (Point of Prescence) from Telehouse datacentres.  This means we’re able to provide excellent connectivity direct to all major UK ISPs for our customers and excellent upstream connectivity to a variety of Tier 1 providers. Fraction Servers also use the Telehouse West and North 2 datacentres to host our  dedicated server offerings in London meaning our dedicated servers offer the lowest latency in the UK to all major networks.

Telehouse North opened in 1990 and was the first purpose-built colocation data centre in Europe

Telehouse North 2 Specifications

  • • 132kv Substation

    Telehouse North 2 is the only UK Datacentre with 132kv Substation

  • • 18.5 MW Generator Capacity

    8 Generators with with n+1 Redundancy

  • • A+ B Power To Racks

    Each customer rack is fed with two feeds from 2N+1 UPS Systems

  • • Industry Leading PuE of 1.16

    Achieved through the use of world's first multi storey adiabatic cooling

  • • VESDA System

    Very early smoke detection alarms (VESDA) installed throughout

Tell me more about Telehouse

Our London services are primarily located within the Telehouse North 2 datacentre and you can download a datasheet detailing the specification of this facility here

Aswell as the fantastic connectivity options available onsite and impressive electrical infrastructure one of the advantages to Fraction Servers its that it’s Telehouse Docklands campus is powered by 100% renewable energy, and with operating with a highly effective adiabatic cooling system in their newest datahalls with BREEAM Excellent certification.

A case study with Telehouse is available on their website that details how our parent company has gone through a rapid period of expansion at the site over the past 24 months.