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DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers

We understand the need for your server to always be online..

And that’s why we offer in house DDoS protection as standard to all customers, ensuring you are ready prepared for an attack.

Comprehensive Layer 7 Filtering

Unlike many providers Fraction Servers operate a dedicated “scrubbing centre” to actively filter malicious DDoS traffic, whilst some providers will simply switch off or “null route” the IP under attack all of our customers benefit from on demand DDoS filtering as standard.

TCP, TCP-HTTP, UDP and ICMP Based Protection​

Our scrubbing centre utilises Riorey RG Series devices which are the most powerful DDoS mitigation engines available and our unique algorithmic architecture is designed to provide a very high assurance of passing good traffic while mitigating bad traffic protection against all 25 classes of DDoS attacks.​

Always On DDoS Protection

Under Attack?

Contact our dedicated sales team to discuss same day deployment of a DDoS protected dedicated server.

On Demand DDoS Protection