Optimise PHP for websites on WHM


Optimise PHP for websites on WHM

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FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) allows you to optimise PHP FastCGI for sites. This is particularly useful for sites that have a lot of traffic and are under heavy load.

How to enable PHP-FPM and Change Settings

Once PHP-FPM is set up, you can enable it per site.

Login to WHM as and go to MulitiPHPManager.

Enable PHP-FPM

You can now enable PHP-FPM for all accounts or specific accounts and set the PHP version.

Select Pool Options to change the setting for a domain.

Here are some suggestions of settings to use:

Average load website

Max Children: 30
Process Idle Timeout: 100
Max Requests: 300

Heavy load website

Max Children: 60
Process Idle Timeout: 150
Max Requests: 600


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