Our Dedicated Servers

All of our dedicated server offerings are fully customisable and available at either our Coventry or London (UK) locations. We only use enterprise grade hardware from Supermicro with the latest in SSD and NVMe technology.

200 Server

Base Specification Server upto 32Gb RAM
  • Intel Quad Core E3-1230 v3
  • Upto 32Gb RAM
  • 1Gb/s Network Port
  • 10TB Monthly Data Transfer
  • Choice Of Operating Systems


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250 Server

Latest Generation Intel Uniprocessor
  • Intel Quad Core E3-1230 v6
  • Upto 64Gb DDR4 RAM
  • SSD, SATA or NVMe Disks
  • 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s Network Port
  • 10TB Monthly Data Transfer
  • CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows OS


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300 Server

Latest Intel Scalable Dual CPU Systems
  • 24 Cores - 2 x Xeon 4214 CPUs
  • Upto 512Gb DDR4 RAM
  • Upto 8 Drives per Server
  • 1Gbs or 10Gb/s Network Ports
  • 10TB Monthly Data Transfer
  • Choice of Operating Systems


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AMD Ryzen

285 Server

12 Cores - 24 Threads
  • AMD Ryzen 7900
  • 64Gb ECC RAM
  • 500Gb SSD - Optional NVMe
  • 1Gb/s Network Port
  • 50TB Monthly Data Transfer
  • Coventry Datacentre


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Why Choose Us

Choice of Datacentres

We offer hosting at our own datacentre site in Coventry or alternatively you can opt for hosting within Telehouse North 2 in the London Docklands.

Technical Support 24/7

We have our own staff at our datacentres 24/7/365 offering freephone support and email trouble ticket assistance.

Certified Hardware

We only use enterprise level hardware from Supermicro, Intel, Western Digital, Avago and Samsung ensuring the upmost in reliability.

DDoS Protected

All customers benefit from upto 200Gb/s of 'On Demand' DDoS protection using in-house Riorey filtering devices included at no additional cost.

IPMI Access Available

Remote Management Access including KVM, Reboot, Monitoring and Remote ISO/Drives are available through Supermicro IPMI.

IPv6 Enabled

We operate our own ISP network (AS42831) dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 with highspeed UK peering to all major providers

Own UK Datacentres

We operate our own datacentres giving us full control over the security and enviroment in which your server is hosted.

Multihomed UK Network

Our UK network is the largest in terms of bandwidth capacity of any privately owned UK company, we have over 400Gb/s peering with BT aswell as peering agreements with BSKYB, VirginMedia, TalkTalk and many more.