Find Frank – Datacentre Build Progress – Update 2

Datacentre Build – Progress Update 2

Now that we are well into 2022 significant progress has been made onsite over the last week to ten days with much of the structure of the initial 300 rack data hall now having taken shape. Key to this installation was a the erection of a mezzanine floor which is over 10,000 sqft in area designed to support a total load of over 1000 tonnes.

We are still working hard behind the scences, pulling together all the many plans and schematics that will eventually deliver power and network to the server racks. We have a number of timelapse cameras that have been capturing the build that we will be rolling out footage of soon.
  • Find Frank – Datacentre Build Progress – Update 2
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Over the last couple of weeks we have been capturing photographs of progress on the site for these build updates posts and in many of the photographs (including the ones in this post) if you look carefully you will see our very own “Fractionman” Frank has strayed into shot!

If you happen to notice Frank in any of the photos in this update or subsequent build update posts then please highlight Frank in the image and tweet it to us @fractionservers with the hashtag #findfrank to be entered into our prize draw

What has been happening?


Over the past week we have had two teams onsite installing the mezzanine floor structure that will form the roof/lid for the first data hall.  This structure has been completely installed in just 5 days that’s the entire steelwork, staircases and over 30 tonnes of boarding in less than a week.

A look across the underisde of the steel mezzanine, each of the uprights will be boxed in the same dimensions as a server cabinet and will fall inline with a row of racks.

The steelwork stops short of the end of the building, a lift will be installed here at the end of the first data hall to allow equipment to be taken onto the first floor storage mezanine.

A look across the steelwork of the mezanine prior to it being boarded.

The mezanine floor wll perform a number of functions from housing our dry air coolers, network cable containment and providing a return air plenum for hot air exhausted from our server racks.

At each end of the mezanine floor of this data hall is a staircase for access to cooling plant and other services.

View from the mezzanine structure towards the front of the data hall.

The underside of the mezzanine is being fitted with purlins and “top hat” sections enabling dry lining to be installed giving a completely flat surface to form the top of the hot air return plenum, the dry lining also provides a fire rating and air tight seal for the datahalls required for the fire suppresion systems

What's next?

Over the next couple of weeks we are expecting the dry lining to the underside of the mezzanine floor to be completed and for this to be “taped and joined” and a paint finish applied and the structure of the first data hall should then start to take shape.  

The first delivery of our free air cooling chillers and pump sets should be arriving from Italy in the next seven days to be positioned on the mezzanine floor with the air handling units to follow shortly afterwards.  Looking slightly further ahead still, constructing of the A+B Network and “Meet Me” patching rooms should start to take place, these are dedicated rooms away from the main data hall to house networking and patching equipment.

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