Installation Guide – cPanel/WHM on AlmaLinux


Installation Guide – cPanel/WHM on AlmaLinux

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Installation Guide – cPanel/WHM on AlmaLinux



This guide details howto install cPanel/WHM  control panel on AlmaLinux 8.x   For this instalation a valid cPanel/WHM license is required however a 15 day trial license can also be activated in most cases once installed.  This guide assumes that your server is already setup with a properly configured static IP address and server hostname, cPanel/WHM cannot be installed to servers using DHCP addressing.


1 – Disable firewalls on AlmaLinux 8

AlmaLinux distributions allow you to disable the firewall for the operating system’s installation configuration. We strongly recommend that you use this method.

iptables-save > ~/firewall.rules
systemctl stop firewalld.service
systemctl disable firewalld.service


2 – Disable Network Manager

systemctl stop NetworkManager.service
systemctl disable NetworkManager.service


3- Disable SELinux

In your editor of choosing open /etc/selinux/config and scroll down to “SELINUX=” and change this to



4 – Uninstall ESET File Security

sudo /opt/eset/esets/bin/esets_gil


5 – Install Perl

yum -y install perl


6 – Install cPanel/WHM

cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest


7 – Post Install

Once installation has been completed you should be able to login at https://yourserversip:2087 using your server’s root login credentials.

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