Meet the Staff – George


In our latest "Meet the Team" article we speak to George about the work he does at Fraction Servers and how much he has learnt since he joined us.

What is your job title at Fraction Servers and can you describe the role for us?

My current position at Fraction Servers is as a Datacentre Technician. My main responsibilities are responding to customer support requests within the datacentre and the deployment of new physical, virtual and cloud solutions to customers. I also frequently configure and rack Juniper and Cisco switches and routers. Some other duties also include general building maintenance and ensuring infrastructure is fully operational and secure.

When did you start working at Fraction Servers and how have things changed during this time?

I started work at Fraction Servers in May 2022, when I joined the team our new data centre was little more than a shell and it has been great to see how it has evolved and changed since then.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

The ability to fly. It would make commuting to work a lot quicker and be useful for travelling overseas.

Is there a particular tool, script, website or piece of software that you find invaluable in your day to day job?

The Slack application. I use it all the time to send notes to my phone and also communicate with other team members.

What do you like most about working at Fraction Servers?

The team here are super friendly and knowledgeable. The perfect environment for learning new skills and providing great service.

What was the first computer that you owned?

Amiga 500 made by Commodore. Mostly used for playing Sensible World of Soccer.

What are you currently working on for Fraction Servers?

Currently deploying a Windows server with a raid 1 NVMe SSD setup for improved redundancy and speed.