Meet the Staff – Lukasz S

Lukasz S

In our first "Meet the Staff" article we talk with Lukasz S about his role at Fraction Servers and what he thinks makes us unique!

What do you like most about working within a datacentre environment?
I am learning something new every day here. I think working in the datacentre allows me to be able to see most if not all of IT aspects. Starting from hardware, through networking to all kinds of the software.
I am also enjoying being at work which is not something I can say about most of the people I know (not talking about people here at Fraction Servers obviously) And this is I think very important part of it.
What does a typical day at Fraction Servers look like?
There is no typical day at Fraction Servers! Every day is different and I never know what is going to happen and what issues I will be dealing with.
What do you think makes Fraction Servers unique?
I’ve never seen any company replying to support emails/tickets this quick. We are also very flexible with our customers with custom setups or if they ask for the components we normally don’t hold in stock, they can always ask and in most cases we are able to help.
Is there a particular tool, script or piece of software that you find invaluable in your day to day job?
We are using a variety of tools/software at Fraction servers and any of them can be useful depending on what I am working on currently.
What was your first IT job and how did you get into the role?
This is my first full-time IT job. Previously I was only doing on-call PC repairs as a part-time job. I passed my Red Hat exam which put me on the IT career path.
Windows or Linux?
Apple or Android?
First Computer you owned?
Intel Celeron 333Mhz, 32MB RAM, Windows 98